Grey Olltwit's Graph Maker Plus

Grey Olltwit's Graph Maker Plus 2.5

With Graph Maker Plus you can produce bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs

Making simple bar, line and pie graphs is easy with this program. Just enter the data and choose the type of graph you want to build. Save the data to open or edit later. Print out your graphs or paste them into another program e.g. Microsoft Word, Works or similar. This version allows entry of more sets of data, over the original Graph Maker.

With Graph Maker Plus you can easily add data, labels and much more to produce bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. It adds so much to any presentation or article to add a graph and with graph maker it's easy with the copy and paste facility. Graph Maker Plus allows entry of more sets of data and extra fields. Equally easy to use, graph maker plus allows you to produce professional looking graphs for school projects and much more.

It's also a great educational tool to be able to make a graph of your statistics. Even young learners can use my graph maker software, to show data in an understandable graphical style. From a graph you can easily tell which is the most popular, who jumps the longest, what are your classmates favourite colours, to what is the most popular pet and much more. Pie charts or pie graphs, also give an insight into fractions and how proportions are calculated. All is done for you in the program, you just enter the data, then click to create a graph. Then you can copy and paste it into your presentation or simply print it out.

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